Chocolate message

Wish birthdays, anniversaries, express love for your dear ones with our unique personalized messages like Name written on chocolates in single liner or double liners or triple liners or a bar with emoji’s and stars that can be added too.

Sometimes words from mouth cannot explain everything but a sweet message can do this for you . Sending messages through letters , mobiles and emails are old school now.

We introduced an exclusive product called Chocolate Message . You can get your lovely message on our chocolates and make your personalized chocolate gift .

How to Do This

You only have to follow the simple steps to help us create this magical chocolate for your loved

Step 1. Select the box size according to the length of desired text to be written on chocolates

We have 3 kind of boxes :

Single liner:  ( 9 alphabets including space and emoji) Emoji is optional . Single Line Choco with 9 characters 22 gms . Rs 170/box. For example the box with “1 Row only” consists of 9 alphabets in one row. There will be a single liner box with 9 spaces to be filled by alphabets , space , emoji or star sign.

Double liners: (18 alphabetic spaces including space and emoji ). Two Line Choco with 18 characters 45 gms. Rs. 270/- per box

Triple liners: 

( 27 alphabetic spaces including space and emoji of your choice).Three Line Choco with 27 characters ; 67 gms . Rs. 400/- per box For example – In first step if you selected a box with “27 alphabetic chocolates in 3 Rows” then your text length should not be more than 27 alphabets including space, star, alphabet and emoji’s .

Step 2. Enter the text in the text box that You want to be written on chocolates . Please enter the text according to the number of alphabets that can fit in each row with desired space in the selected box .

Step3 . Add to cart